It’s Johnnie Times Two at Mock Crest Tavern!

If you love Johnnie Ward then this is your lucky week!  Johnnie Ward & the Eagle Ridin’ Papas perform February 4th, at 8:30 p.m.

Johnnie Ward

Johnnie Ward

Members include:

  • Doug Marx – guitar, lead vocal
  • Johnnie Ward – guitar., vocal
  • Claes Almroth – harp, vocal;
  • Paul Bassett – washboard
  • Lauren Sheehan – mandolin
  • Bill Uhlig – Upright Bass

Johnnie Ward, originally from Portland, has performed with bands including the PH Phactor Jug Band, and opened for Moby Grape, The Grateful Dead, Pentangle, The Doors, and several other famous groups.

Some of his tunes are available on myspace.

Johnnie Ward also starts off Open Mic/Jam on Thursday February 6th at 8:30. So come on in and enjoy Johnnie times two!

How are your trivia skills shaping up so far? Are you gathering your tips and tidbits ready for Quizzies and Roy Smallwood on Sunday night? Here’s a few more trivia facts for you:

  • Sir Winston Churchill was a total booze hound. He would start each day with a whiskey before moving on to brandy and martinis later in the afternoon and evening.
  • Distilled alcohol beverages 1st appeared 12th century Europe among alchemists who were more interested in medical “elixirs” than making gold from lead.
  • Spirits may be served in a variety of ways, some of which include:
  1. On the rocks — spirits are to be served and drunk over ice.
  2. Straight up — the spirit is to be shaken or stirred with ice, but drunk by itself, with the ice filtered out.
  3. Neat — the spirit is served and consumed by itself, with nothing added.
  4. With a simple mixer such as tonic water, cola, etc.
  5. With water

Have a great week and we’ll see ya there!


Tracey Fordice and Johnnie Ward at Mock Crest Tavern

8-ball.jpTracey Fordice and the 8-balls perform Friday, January 17th,  at 9:00 p.m. They’re recognized for their Rockin’ Blues, soulful ballads, covers and also original tunes.

Tracey offers a unique and powerful voice. She also plays the piano and offers her song-writing talents that blend a mix of creativity and depth to the blues community.

Come on over and join us while we  hang out with Johnnie Ward’s Sharkskin Revue. The performance starts at 9 p.m. Saturday, January 18th.

Johnnie leads the band on tenor saxophone, harmonica, saxcello, and vocals. They feature original music as well a wide variety of material. Catch their performance on youtube.

Here’s some more New Years Trivia:

  • Persians used to give eggs as a New Year’s gift, as a way of symbolizing productiveness. In a way, this tradition remains alive to this day, typically carried out during Halloween. Though the eggs are less a “gift” so much as a form of vandalism, and they don’t symbolize productiveness so much as they symbolize the cruelty of bored teenagers.
  • The first Times Square New Year’s celebration took place in 1904 and was organized by “The New York Times” to inaugurate their new headquarters in Times Square, as well as to bring attention to the renaming of what was then called Longacre Square to Times Square.
  • Unlike chewing gum and cream cheese, New Year’s celebrations were not invented in America. In fact, it is believed that the Babylonians began the tradition of celebrating the New Year more than 4,000 years ago, when they celebrated the first full moon after the spring equinox.

Have a great week and we’ll see ya there!

Bad Assets Return to Mock Crest Tavern

Mock Crest Tavern has some great music lined up for your weekend! Join Bad Assets Friday night, November 22, at 9:oo p.m.

Bad Assets

Bad Assets

Bad Assets brings their whiskey-soaked country rock band to the tavern and are from Portland, Oregon.

Members Include:

  • Ben Cosloy – lead guitar
  • Kevin Marcotte – bass and vocals
  • Drag Triplet – drums
  • Motor Jeffries – guitar, vocals

Motor Jeffries, the bands primary song writer, decided to write a collection of songs about the drive through Oregon on Interstate 84.

Enjoy the road trip with them through their music. The journey takes you from Stumptown, across the state line, towards the potato processing plants, stops by a bottom shelf liquor distillery, a washed out waterfall, rodeo country, and an abandoned cement factory.

Bad Assets is creative and tons of fun, something we all need a bit more of in our lives. Enjoy their music on myspace.  Since I’m sure their music will win you over, continue your support on twitter at

One of Mock Crest Tavern’s favorites return to perform Saturday night, November 23rd, at 9 p.m. So come in and enjoy The Blueprints!


The Blueprints perform a mix of Americana/Blues and R&B.

Members include:

  • Claes Almroth
  • EmmaLee Almroth
  • Chris Bond
  • Steve Dion
  • Emery Wilson

You can listen to their music on myspace, including “Deep River Blues” and “Number 13.” You can find additional songs on Reverbnation. 

Most Mock Crest regulars are familiar with Claes Almroth who plays in several other bands as well. His daughter, EmmaLee also performs in The Blueprints. Sharing her father’s love and talent for music they create a fun and unique blend of sound and vocals. She lends her talent to  lead vocals, back-up vocals, alto sax and percussion.

Have a fantastic week and we will see ya there!

The New Iberians and Johnnie Ward Sharkskin Revue

New Iberians

New Iberians

Get ready to have a fantastic evening of music with The New Iberians Zydeco Blues at Mock Crest Tavern on Friday, September 20th,  at 9:00 p.m. The fun and energetic group loves to get the crowd up and swinging.

The band chose their name from New Iberia, Louisiana, well-known  for its red pepper hot sauce.  Their music roots itself in Louisiana Zydeco, Northwest Rock, and Chicago Blues.

In 2002 they released their first CD, with Robert Lee on fiddle. After Robert left the band,  harmonica man, Claes Almroth, added his vast experience of Blues and R&B to the group. The band then became the New Iberians Zydeco Blues Band.  In 2008 and  2011, the band released additional CD’s, and they’re currently working on their fourth.

The New Iberians Blues & Zydeco Band includes many original tunes, but they don’t leave out the traditional Zydeco, Blues and New Orleans Rock’n’Roll. You will enjoy their wide variety of music.

Check them out for yourself at their website.

Come on over and join us at the tavern while we  hang out with Johnnie Ward’s Sharkskin Revue. The performance starts at 9 p.m. Saturday, September 21st.

Johnnie’s Sharkskin Revue plays the blues, swing, jazz, and also features Portland blues  legend Johnnie Ward and chanteuse Lauren Sheehan.

Johnnie, who is a Muddy Award winner, leads the band on tenor saxophone, harmonica, saxcello, and vocals. They feature original music as well as a wide variety of material from Ella Johnson, Howlin’ Wolf, and Thelonious Monk. Catch their performance on youtube.

Have a great week, and we’ll see ya there!

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