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Everyone come on over to Mock Crest Tavern and welcome Alejandro Achondo! His performance begins Thursday, June 26th at 8:30 p.m.

Alejandro is a finger style guitarist in the Portland metro area. At just twenty-three years old, he has established a strong reputation for his unique picking and the ability to sound like an entire band.

Born in California and raised in Colorado, he became interested in guitar and  joined the school jazz band. Since then he has been performing everywhere he can and honing his craft into his own unique and creative sound. His influences include cool jazz, classic rock, romantic era classical composers and folk music. He is known for his live performances and the ability to convey the emotional depth of his playing. For additional information and songs visit Achondo at Reverbnation.

Here’s your fun facts:

  •  To make colorful cordials or brandy float in a layered pattern in a glass, pour each ingredient slowly over a spoon held bottom side up over the glass, being careful to pour all ingredients in the order given in the recipe.
  • In a martini competition in Chicago, the winner was a martini made with an anchovie-stuffed olive that was served in a glass that had been rinsed with Cointeau liqueur.
  • In Europe and North America, lower-status people tend to prefer beer whereas upper-status people tend to prefer wine and distilled spirits. In Latin American and Africa, lower class people tend to drink home brew, middle class people tend to drink bottled beer, and upper class people tend to prefer distilled spirits.
  • A popular drink during the Middle Ages to soothe those who were sick and heal them was called a caudle. It was an alcohol drink containing eggs, bread, sugar and spices.
  • Vintage Port can take forty years to reach maturity. 
  • Mead, a drink made from fermented honey, is the national drink of Poland.

Have a great week and we’ll see ya there!!


Alcohol and Fun Facts at Mock Crest Tavern

mockcrest-20110715-250Mock Crest Tavern has served the Portland area for more than 60 years, and there’s a reason for that. It’s a great place to go, kick back and blow off some steam. And, there’s always something fun to do.

Speaking of fun, thanks to everyone who has gone to Quizzies! Roy Smallwood delivers quite an entertaining evening with his trivia questions. Quizzies will continue on Sunday nights at 6 p.m.

Just a few fun alcohol facts for you trivia players.

Bourbon is the official spirit of the United States, by act of Congress – Defining “Bourbon.” The State (Columbia, SC), 5-1-02,

The longest bar in the world is 684 feet (or about 208.5 meters) long and located at the New Bulldog in Rock Island, Illinois – Yenne, B., and Debolski, T. The Ultimate Book of Beer Trivia. San Mateo, CA: Bluewood, 1994.

The founder of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) no longer belongs to the organization. She resigned after it became increasingly anti-alcohol rather than simply anti-drunk-driving.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected President of the U.S. in 1932 on a pledge to end National Prohibition -Yenne, B., and Debolski, T. The Ultimate Book of Beer Trivia. San Mateo, CA: Bluewood, 1994.

The consumption of alcohol was so widespread throughout history that it has been called “a universal language – Dr. Patrick McGovern, an archaeological chemist at the University of Pennsylvania quoted in The history of Drinking: Uncorking the Past. The Economist, 12-22-01.

Mock Crest Tavern offers some new drafts on tap including:

Rotating Taps Currently:

  • Double Mountain Vaporizer
  • Breakside Pilsner

Breakside Brewing’s Liquid Sunshine Pilsner is a German-style lager with a complimenting bitterness. This Pilsner is very light and refreshing and it’s brewed and bottled right here in Portland, Oregon. 5.2% ABV.

Halloween is next week so stop by Mock Crest Tavern in costume and get a free drink and at 9:00 pm SCARY-OKE,  Goulish Karaoke, will begin so don’t miss the fun!!

Have a great week and we’ll see ya there!

Finn Doxie and Johnnie Ward Sharkskin Revue

Finn Doxie

Finn Doxie

Join Mock Crest Tavern in welcoming Finn Doxie Friday, October 18th, at 9:00 p.m. They bring an alternative sound that features an electric harp.

Finn Doxie has performed since 2011 around the Portland area. Their frequent visits to the Hillsboro venue ‘Primrose & Tumbleweeds’ garnered them a write-up in the March issue of the Washington County Review.

The duet puts their unique twist on modern popular and alternative hits by combining percussive guitar with the Celtic harp. Utilizing their vocal harmonies and foot-percussion allows the audience to have the  big band experience. Their musical styles cover energetic, beat-driven indie-pop and expressive and intimate ballads.

The duet injects their signature style into favorites by bands like The Killers, The Verve, Coldplay, All-American Rejects, Jack White, Imagine Dragons, Blue October, and Snow Patrol.

Members Include:

  • Rob “Bodhi” Wolff – lead vocals, guitar, octave mandolin, foot percussion
  • Tyger Bailey – Celtic Harp, vocals
Johnnie Ward Sharkskin Revue performs at 9 p.m. Saturday, October 19th. They

Johnnie Ward

Johnnie Ward

are bringing down the house with their fantastic blues, swing, jazz, and also features Portland blues  legend Johnnie Ward and Chanteuse Lauren Sheehan. Johnnie, who is a Muddy Award winner, leads the band on tenor saxophone, harmonica, saxcello, and vocals. They feature original music as well as a wide variety of material from Ella Johnson, Howlin’ Wolf, and Thelonious Monk. Catch their performance on youtube.

Don’t forget to join us every Sunday night at 6:00 p.m. for Quizzies hosted by Roy Smallwood! Thanks to everyone who showed last week, fun was had by all!
Have a great week and we’ll see ya there!

What’s Mock Crest Got This Week?

As always Mock Crest has a fantastic line up for you this week. Starting your October 2013 off with a kick, Johnnie Ward & the Eagle Ridin’ Papas are shaking the house Tuesday, October 1st, at 8:30 p.m.

Members are:

  • Doug Marx – guitar, lead vocal
  • Johnnie Ward – guitar., vocal
  • Claes Almroth – harp, vocal;
  • Paul Bassett – washboard
  • Lauren Sheehan – mandolin
  • Bill Uhlig – Upright Bass

Don’t miss this great blues and rock band.

Help Mock Crest Tavern welcome The Groovetramps at 8:30 p.m., Thursday, October 3rd. They are known for their swingin’ blues and rockin’ Americana music.

The Groovetramps include Melanie Owen & Joseph Barton. Joseph has

The Groovetramps

The Groovetramps

performed for numerous groups including The Clam Daddies, The Train Wreckers and Tempa & the Tantrums. He has also toured for Grammy nominated Texas singer/songwriter Randy MacAllistar. Joseph also performs with The Joesph Barton Trio and plays bass and guitar with Armed & Dangerous Blues Review among others.

Along with The Groovetramps, Melanie plays for Cedar Avenue Blues Band and also performs with Thommy Knox and Eef. Occasionally she guest fronts with The Thommy Knoxvilles in Denver and Armed & Dangerous Blues Review in Seattle.

As you will see, Melanie and Joseph love playing and bringing great tunes to their audience. They have a fun and fresh approach to old school blues and Americana.

Base members include:

  • Joseph Barton – guitar/bass/vocals/writing
  • Melanie Owen – guitar/ bass/vocals/writing

Depending on the gig, The Groovetramps perform as a duo, trio or four piece group.

Mock Crest Tavern has some exciting news so stay tuned for the next post to hear the announcement.

Have a great week and we’ll see ya there!

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