Johnnie Ward on Tuesday and Thursday!

If you love Johnnie Ward then this is your lucky week!  Johnnie Ward & the Eagle Ridin’ Papas perform Tuesday, June 3rd, at 8:30 p.m.

Johnnie Ward

Johnnie Ward

Members include:

  • Doug Marx – guitar, lead vocal
  • Johnnie Ward – guitar., vocal
  • Claes Almroth – harp, vocal;
  • Paul Bassett – washboard
  • Lauren Sheehan – mandolin
  • Bill Uhlig – Upright Bass

Johnnie Ward, originally from Portland, has performed with bands including the PH Phactor Jug Band, and opened for Moby Grape, The Grateful Dead, Pentangle, The Doors, and several other famous groups.

Some of his tunes are available on myspace.

And Johnnie will also kick off Open mic and Jam night this Thursday, June 5th at 8:30 p.m.

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  • Vermouth is a white appetizer wine flavored with up to 40 to 50 different berries, herbs, roots, seeds, and flowers and takes about a year to make.
  • A whiskey, rum, or brandy can be aged either not long enough or too long.
  • Alcohol is derived for the arabic al kohl, meaning the essence.
  • Scotch whisky’s distinctive smoky flavor comes from drying malted barley over peat fires.
  • According to the famous writer H. L. Mencken, 17,864,392,788 different cocktails could be make from the ingredients in a well-stocked bar.
  • Although the origins of the martini are obscure, it actually began as a sweet drink
  • Colonial New Englanders often put barrels of cider outdoors in cold weather, then removed the ice to increase the alcohol content of the remaining beverage.
  • “Cocktails for Hitler” weren’t drinks at all. During World War II, distillers shifted all production to industrial alcohol for the war effort. Hence, they were making “cocktails for Hitler.”

Have a great week and we’ll see ya there!

Bad Assets and Missi and Mister Baker

Mock Crest Tavern has some great music lined up for your weekend! Join Bad Assets Friday night, January 10th, at 9:oo p.m.

Bad Assets
Bad Assets

Bad Assets brings their whiskey-soaked country rock band to the tavern and are from Portland, Oregon.

Members Include:

  • Ben Cosloy – lead guitar
  • Kevin Marcotte – bass and vocals
  • Drag Triplet – drums
  • Motor Jeffries – guitar, vocals

Motor Jeffries, the bands primary song writer, decided to write a collection of songs about the drive through Oregon on Interstate 84. Enjoy the road trip with them through their music.

Bad Assets is creative and tons of fun, something we all need a bit more of in our lives. Enjoy their music on myspace.  Since I’m sure their music will win you over, continue your support on twitter at

Let’s welcome Missi and Mister Baker, Saturday, January 11th. The music begins at 9:00 p.m. so grab your drink and seat early.

Missi and Mister Baker, originally from Portland, Oregon, are bringing some old-time Mountain and uptown Groovy tunes to Mock Crest Tavern. You are sure to enjoy the slide and acoustic guitars in both original and traditional songs.

The group launched their music career in 2011 and play a wide variety of music including traditional, eclectic, bluegrass, old-timey, neo-folk, southern rock, jug band and blues.The Country Gentlemen, Robert Johnson, Led Zeppelin and Bob Marley are just a few that have influenced the group. As you can see there’s something in it for everyone!

Learn more about Missi and Mr. Baker a their website. 

Don’t forget Quizzies on Sunday with Roy Smallwood.

Have a great week, and we’ll see ya there!

Claes and Friends at Mock Crest Tavern

Claes and Friends

Claes and Friends

Claes & Friends perform at 8:00 p.m. Thursday, March 14th at Mock Crest Tavern.

Here’s some interesting history concerning Claes Almroth, one of Mock Crest’s faves. Although originally from Sweden, he grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. His love of music grew as he began playing piano and later picked up the harmonica. When Claes turned 13 or 14, a new influence presented itself, the “underground” FM rock radio. Since Blues music was a part of this new program, artists such as BB King, Muddy Waters, and Robert Johnson became huge influences in his life. However, when Claes visited New Orleans and witnessed a performance by Punch Miller’s Bunch, he became a changed musician.

Claes relocated  to Oregon from California during the 70’s, and he grew serious about music.  In the 80’s, craving a larger music scene, he moved to Portland.  Today, he plays  in a number of bands, where he sings lead and harmony vocals; plays the keyboard, and harmonica, as well as writes and records his own music.

Other bands he performs with include:

  • The Blueprints
  • Claes and Sons
  • Reverb Brothers
  • The New Iberians

He also plays with Johnny Ward and the Papas occasionally, and several of his tunes with various bands are available on myspace.

I hope everyone is adjusting to the time change. If not, just remember you don’t have to waste time tossing and turning when Mock Crest Tavern is open until 2 :30 a.m. and you can grab some great food. Carbohydrates and beer can soothe the soul.

Mock Crest has a great weekend coming up, so watch your inbox for the latest update.

See ya there!

Poker, Johnnie and Tevis Hodge

Mondays prove difficult after a weekend off work, but don’t forget they also bring free poker at Mock Crest Tavern beginning at 7:00 p.m. Play a few hands, grab a few drinks, and melt the Monday blues away.

Johnnie Ward & the Eagle Ridin’ Papas perform Tuesday, February 5th at 8:30 p.m.

Johnnie brings a rich history and well-known talent to the stage. He’s shared stages with bands including the PH Phactor Jug Band, and opened for Moby Grape, The Grateful Dead, Pentangle, and The Doors. In 1970, Johnnie participated in the  movement that resurrected the blues venue in Portland. The Fly-by-Night Jass Band was the first act to play The White Eagle, which was the first post-war Portland Blues club.

You can listen to some tunes on myspace. Don’t miss this opportunity for some great music!

Mock Crest Tavern welcomes Tevis Hodge Jr. Thursday evening.

Born in Virginia, Tevis grew up with music, and has played the blues for more than ten years. Tevis honors and holds to the traditions and techniques of the musicians of yesterday for an authentic experience. He also intertwines his own flare and interpretations, placing himself among the many original blues musicians of the past 80 years.

Tevis Hodge Jr.

Tevis Hodge Jr.

Tevis Hodge Jr. now resides in Portland, Oregon where he performs with various bands, and as a solo act in the Portland area and the North West. He’s performed with a number of artists including Vaudeville legend Baby Gramps, Folk giant Peter Yarrow, Joe McMurrian (winner of The Best Independent Blues Release) , Suburban Slim (three-time Muddy Award nominee), Lucy Hammond (top 5 on Roots Music Charts for Oregon) and Kevin Selfe (Muddy Award winner), to name a few.

The live music begins at 8 p.m. so grab your seat and a drink and join the fun.

See ya there!

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