Finn Doxie and Dakota Bob

Finn Doxie

Finn Doxie

Mock Crest Tavern welcomes back Finn Doxie Friday, April 25th, at 9:00 p.m. They bring a unique element to their alternative sound with an electric harp.

Finn Doxie has performed since 2011 around the Portland area. Their frequent visits to the Hillsboro venue ‘Primrose & Tumbleweeds’ garnered them a write-up in the March issue of the Washington County Review.

The duet puts their unique twist on modern popular and alternative hits by combining percussive guitar with the Celtic harp. Their musical styles cover energetic, beat-driven indie-pop and expressive and intimate ballads.

If you enjoy tunes by The Killers, The Verve, Coldplay, All-American Rejects, Jack White, Imagine Dragons, Blue October, and Snow Patrol then you won’t want to miss Finn Doxie!

Members Include:

  • Rob “Bodhi” Wolff – lead vocals, guitar, octave mandolin, foot percussion
  • Tyger Bailey – Celtic Harp, vocals

Dakota Bob and the Business Men Blues Band perform Saturday, April 26th at Mock Crest Tavern. The performance begins at 9 p.m.

Dakota Bob has played for years, and well-recognized throughout the North and Midwest. Previously with a group in Washington, he later began playing with a Jazz band group from Portland. The group clicked and formed the band “Dakota Bob and the Business Men Blues”.

Members Include:

  1. Dakota Bob – Guitar and Harmonica
  2. Kdawg – Bass
  3. Johnny – Drums

Dakota Bob began his music career as Harmonica Bob, but after locating someone with the same name, he changed  it to Dakota Bob. He discovered his love for playing while diagnosed with a terminal illness. He discovered that while playing his harp, the side affects of his medications lessened and he found a renewed energy.

Hop over to Dakota Bob’s website to enjoy his music and see some photos.

Have a great week and we’ll see ya there!


Christopher Wilson This Week At Mock Crest Tavern

Christopher Wilson

Christopher Wilson

Mock Crest Tavern Welcomes Christopher Wilson on Thursday, March 20th, at 8:30 p.m. If you enjoy  R.E.M., Coldplay, Tears for Fears, Jeff Buckley or Peter Gabriel you’re sure to enjoy Christopher’s music.

Wilson self-released his debut CD “East Mall Daze” in 2001. It’s continued to grow in popularity and widely distributed throughout the United States.

After releasing a video from the CD  it grew in popularity and became featured next to a major label artist. His success continued and the song landed on the top ten list of most requested songs at Indie 104 in Los Angeles and he won the Semi Finalist placement.

He then released his follow-up CD “Read On” in 2007 and it served as the soundtrack to the Jeff Faulkinbury independent film of the same name! describes him as “a troubadour from olden times who’s just visiting this era.”

But his great reviews don’t stop there. This singer/songwriter has earned many notice for his dynamic brand of folk, acoustic rock, and alternative pop-rock songs:

“Triumphantly upbeat pop poetry reminiscent of R.E.M.”; “Impressive peaceful tunes, an enjoyable sensation.”-Skylight Webzine; “Thought-provoking lyrics reinforced by strong, emotional vocals.”-Outsmart magazine

Christopher will perform a solo acoustic act at Mock Crest Tavern, his first performance in Portland, Oregon! And, don’t forget there is no cover charge at Mock Crest Tavern….Ever!

If you  would like to listen to his music, see some photos and learn more about him he has a great website. You can also join his mailing list for his upcoming CD that will release this year.

There’s more great music coming this weekend so stay tuned for details.

Have a great week and we’ll see ya there!

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