Bordertown and The Blueprints

Join us at Mock Crest Tavern to recover from your Black Friday shopping! Bordertown will perform at 9:00 p.m. Saturday night. They’ll bring life back into your tired feet, and before you know it you’ll be tapping along to their Blues and Alternative Rock tunes!

Compared to musicians like “John Lee Hooker” and the “Black Keys”, Bordertown delivers a  heavy mix of modern Blues and Alternative Rock with a bit of funk. “Lonely Boy”, “Three Groove Blues” and “Inclement Weather” are just a few of the tunes available to listen to on Reverbnation. “Lonely Boy” reminds me of Collective Soul with a similar sound in vocals and music.

Band Members:

  1. Jason Meredith
  2. Jason Applegate
  3. Tony Lintz
  4. Todd Farmer

I love listening to this group, and you will too.

The Blueprints return to MCT and perform Saturday at 9 p.m. They perform a mix of Americana/Blues and R&B.

Members are:

  1. Claes Almroth
  2. EmmaLee Almroth
  3. Chris Bond
  4. Steve Dion
  5. Emery Wilson

“I Can’t Stand the Rain” is a perfect tune for the season! To hear this song and others visit The Blueprints on Reverbnation. 

Listen to additional music on myspace, including “Number 13” and “Everything is Free Now.”

There is never a cover charge at Mock Crest Tavern. So share the events with your friends, and remind them to visit and subscribe to the blog for future events.


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