Sneakin’ Out and The Blueprints

Sneakin’ Out performs Friday night, August 23rd, at Mock Crest Tavern. This group is known for its acoustic and alternative sounds. The show starts at 9:00 p.m. so arrive in plenty of time for a good seat!

Sneakin' Out

Sneakin’ Out

Members include:

  1. David Gerow on mandolin
  2. Don Henson on percussion
  3. Mike Cheddar Schmitt on bass

They met on a musical project in Flint, Michigan where David is originally from. Don and Mike were guest musicians from Portland, and after meeting up at several music events, they formed their group. And not long after, the band took off at full speed ahead!

David recalls the shift in the band’s career and how it felt moving forward.  “It was like we weren’t exactly doing what was happening: it was happening to us, through us. We just realized it, cooperated with it, received it, and are giving it away.”

Sneakin’ Out has warmed up the crowd for famous singers including kd lang, John Jorgenson and Pink Martini. They also released their CD, “Train Wreck”, that is available to listen to and purchase on My Space. For additional information you can visit their website where you’ll find pictures, full bio and their performance calendar.

The Blueprints, a Mock Crest favorite, perform Saturday, August 24th, at 9 p.m.  They perform a mix of Americana/Blues and R&B.

Members include:

  • Claes Almroth
  • EmmaLee Almroth
  • Chris Bond
  • Steve Dion
  • Emery Wilson

You can listen to their music on Reverbnation.  Additional songs are on myspace, including “Everything is Free Now” and “Wait On Time.”

Only a few days left to sign up for the golf tourney! The last day of sign ups is August 25th.

Have a great week, and we’ll see ya there!

Independence Weekend at Mock Crest Tavern

What a great way to celebrate your freedom and Independence! Join Mock Crest Tavern for a weekend filled with fantastic food, cold drinks and free live music!

Suburban Slim begins the freedom fest weekend Friday night, July 5th at 9:00 p.m.

Suburban Slim is a multi-award winning guitarist, singer and songwriter.  After touring Oregon, he  moved to Eugene, where he lived for 15 years before relocating to Portland in search of a broader music venue. Not long after, he released three CD’s of original tunes. Hop on over and check out Suburban Slim on YouTube.

Mock Crest Tavern welcomes Joshua Powell and the Great Train Robbery. Their performances starts at 9:00 p.m. Saturday, July 6th.

Joshua and his folk band base their sound on a 1903 silent Western, and  have grown and worked with the Americana tradition ever since. The heart of their songs thrive in the art of storytelling.  Their stories encompass the idea that we are all human together.

The band was born in the heartland, but there is a strong undertone of Southern influence. They’re often compared to Iron and Wine and Fionn Regan, but with an unmistakable grit. Joshua and the band spent nearly two years in Indiana playing at every bar and coffeehouse that would open their doors to them.

The band has two new releases: “The Commonwealth EP”, available for free on Noise Trade, and a new LP, “Man Is Born For Trouble”, available from digital outlets.

Their self-produced debut EP, “We All Say Hello”, had great exposure and success on Noise Trade in 2011. It also shared the chart with acts including “The Civil Wars” and “Young the Giant”.

Download their new EP, “The Commonwealth,” from Noise Trade and board the train today! You can also visit their website for additional information.

Have a great week, and we’ll see ya there!

Donna Jose and DC Malone

Donna and the Side Affects

Donna and the Side Affects

Donna Jose kicks off your weekend at Mock Crest Tavern. The music beings at 9:00 p.m. on Friday, June 28th.

Donna’s sound is a fun and upbeat folk pop. She writes her own music and works a full-time job as a nurse practitioner. Her love for singing and playing is evident in each performance.

Donna has recorded three full-length CDs, “Rhymes of Passion”, “On the Road With Buddha’s Cat”, and “Spindrift” available for purchase at

Band Members:

  • Donna Jose – vocals,  guitar, piano and  flute
  • Brad Price –  lead guitar and vocals
  • Dale Turnbull – bass and vocals
  • Marty Henninger – percussion

Visit her website for additional information and their music at

DC Malone and the Jones perform Saturday, June 29th at 9 p.m.

DC is from Eugene, Oregon,  and is the son of a jazz drummer and mortician. He has performed for more than 30 years. DC began his career at age ten when he picked up the guitar. Now, he leads the group with his strong rhythmic style and versatile voice. DC grew up on jazz, blues, and folk music which influences his music today. He incorporates blues, rock, folk, swing, country and a touch of bluegrass in the song list.

Members Include:

  • DC Malone: guitar, banjo, hand drums, and lead vocals
  • Dale Turnbull: bass guitar, vocals
  • James Mason: guitar
  • Mike Zilis: keyboards
  • Jason Moore: drums, vocals

DC is also a stand-up comic, and  has entertained on the same stage with The Talking Heads, Greg Almann, Pablo Cruise, Mytch Ryder, Spirit, Bo Diddley, and the Kiefer Sutherland and Friends Roadshow in Europe.

Visit DC at his website for additional information.

As always, have a great week, and we’ll see ya there!

The Blue Ribbon Healers at Mock Crest Tavern!

Blue Ribbon Healers

Blue Ribbon Healers

Mock Crest Tavern welcomes The Blue Ribbon Healers. The performance beings at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 27th. They bring an “old-timey swanky tonk” sound to the music scene.

The Blue Ribbon Healers have played full-time over the last 4 years and traveled from coast to coast. Their sound encompasses a string band sound, which draws from the old-time jazz of New Orleans. They offer original material, and a strong foundation with a mix of ethnic and folk flavors that come together as one.

Members Include:

  • Rob Pate – guitar and vocals
  • Cindy Rose – mandolin and vocals

This is their third annual cross-country tour and  includes 15 shows in California, 10 in Colorado and a run up the Mississippi River, all in just under 2 months. For the fall, winter, and spring, the Blue Ribbon Healers perform at home in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Their music compares to the Red Stick Ramblers, The Devil Makes Three, Tom Waits, and Frank Zappa.

Here’s a few words from the press concerning The Blue Ribbon Healers:

“Looking like a trio of Appalachian hippies, The Blue Ribbon Healers provide an old-timey sound with a swanky infusion of honky-tonk. The Devil Makes Three with less devil and more saintly sentiment, this guitar, stand-up bass, and mandolin trio (with the occasional kazoo) has been wowing crowds across the country, inspiring the lame to dance and the weak to be strong. With a wide selection of songs lamenting and celebrating the finer things in life, the band loves to partake in ceremonious medicating—so be sure to pass it around!”

Preview their music and videos as well as their upcoming show schedule at their website.

Have a great week, and we’ll see ya there!

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