Mock Crest Tavern Invites You to Team Up!

I assume the majority of readers know that Portland, Oregon, is number 2 in the United States for ” friendliest bicycling cities”. However, just in case you didn’t, we are number 2 due to our innovative programs and designated bike-only areas at traffic signals, free bike lights that make riding in Portland practical, and of course the multiple terrains.

So why all this you ask? Because Mock Crest Tavern invites you to team up and join the Bridge Pedal this year! And, here’s why you should. When you join the Mock Crest team you get a discount AND a FREE SHIRT!

You can pick any number of bridges to ride and you don’t have ride together, but expect to have an adult beverage afterwards at Mock Crest Tavern. If you join the Mock Crest team you get a $7 discount and a free shirt!  Sign up at the bar.  Rainer and Vera will be riding the 10-bridge route.

Deadline for free shirt is July 13th due to printing time.   Bridge Pedal

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