Claes Almroth This Thursday!

Claes Almroth

Claes Almroth

It’s a double treat this month at Mock Crest Tavern with Claes Almroth from the Blueprints bringing down the house Thursday night, August 22nd. His amazing performance begins at 8:30 sharp so grab your seats and drinks early!

For those of you not as familiar with Claes and his musical ability here’s some fun details. He was born in Sweden, but then came over to the United States, California actually. Through the years his interest in music grew and he learned to play the piano. It wasn’t long until he picked up the harmonica as well.

Around the age of 13 or 14, the “underground” FM rock radio came into existence . Claes heard artists such as Paul Betterfield, Charliyue Musselwhite, BB King, Muddy Waters and Robert Johnson. They influenced his life and encouraged him to continue in his musical journey.

He relocated to Oregon during the 70’s. He played in Corvallis as part of a jug band, a blues band, and enrolled in music classes. In the 80’s he moved to Portland, and not long after The Blueprints were born. Today, he plays  in a number of bands, where he sings lead and harmony vocals; plays the keyboard, and harmonica, as well as writes and records his own music.

Other bands he performs with include:

  • The Blueprints
  • Claes and Sons
  • Reverb Brothers
  • The New Iberians

He also plays with Johnny Ward and the Papas occasionally.

Feel free to hear his music and learn more about him on myspace.

Only a few days left to sign up for the golf tourney! The last day of sign ups is August 25th.

Have a great week, and we’ll see ya there!

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