Troy Dixon at Mock Crest Tavern

TroyTroy Dixon, singer and songwriter, invites you to Mock Crest Tavern Thursday night, June 20th. His performance begins at 8:00 p.m.

Troy blends influences of country, rock, folk and soul into his own style. He contributes his inspiration to Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Crosby and Stills & Nash among others.

After leaving college in Michigan, Troy spent two years traveling the United States and then settled in Ventura, California. He later relocated to Portland, Oregon. While in Ventura he met guitarist Jonathan Raffetto and they began their journey of writing music together. It wasn’t long before Stuart Orlinsky joined them. The trio wrote over forty songs together.

With more than 1000 shows performed he continues to combine his love for poetry and words with the guitar creating a magical experience in each performance. His reputation precedes him as a passionate and engaging performer. And, with more than 300 songs written, Troy is working on recording his third studio CD “The Devil You Know” at Vault Recording Studio in Portland, Oregon.

When asked what writing and performing meant to him, Troy replied:

“For me, it’s always been about the stories that you’re trying to share and how they resonate. All of my favorite songwriters were first and foremost great storytellers. That’s what’s at the forefront of my mind when I’m working on new material-what is the heart of the story and how can I best tell it-as simply and honestly as possible.”

You can get a glimpse into Troy’s music at Reverbnation. “Tear in my Pocket”   is a great tune that allows the strength of his voice and lyrics to shine through.

As always, have a great week, and we’ll see ya there!

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