Boots and JT at Mock Crest Tavern

Mock Crest Tavern’s got a great line up this week, and it all starts with Boots n’ Honey. They perform on Tuesday, May 28th at 8 p.m.

Boots n’ Honey and Jane Derringer are a 2012 version of Johnny Cash and June Carter. With original tunes, their acoustic rock n roll, ballads, country and blues music deliver a New York edge and bite. Boots n’ Honey deliver the rock n’ roll that you’re craving!

Mock Crest welcomes the JT Wise Band! Their performance begins at 8:00

JT Wise Band

JT Wise Band

p.m. Thursday, May 30th.  J. Timothy Wise leads the band, and is also the guitarist singer and songwriter.  Margaret,  his wife, is the bassist and shares songwriting duties.

Members Include: 

  • Tim Wise – lead guitar
  • Margaret Wise – bass
  • Mike George – acoustic guitar and slide

Constantly in search of the perfect sound, JT brings a unique style to his playing and delivers the signature sound to the band. Whether playing acoustic music for a relaxing experience or a more intense electric group, the band delivers great music.

JT graduated from the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles and offers an extensive history of playing music in the Portland area.

Margaret, Tim’s wife,  joined the 80’s all girl band, The Twist, and later met JT. Their love of music allowed them to partner in songwriting and performing not long after they met.

Mike George brings his Downey California roots with him on the rhythm guitar and lap steel. George’s slide guitar adds a unique back woods blues sound to the group. Although from California, he has lived in Washington for almost twenty years.

For additional information concerning the JT Wise Band visit them at their website.

There’s more fun this week at Mock Crest Tavern, so stay tuned.

Have a great week, and we’ll see ya there!

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