Sean O’Neill of Otis Heat

Sean O’Neill of Otis Heat will perform on Thursday, May 23rd at 8:00 p.m.Sean

Otis Heat, a trio from Portland, Oregon, is known for delivering energetic and animated live performances. They are also known for their unique sound that centers around  the vocals of Sean David O’Neill. O’Neill also plays the bass and is the songwriter of the group.

When Sean isn’t performing solo, you’ll find him front and center of the group. Otis Heat consists of:

  • Sean O’Neill – bass and vocals
  • Mike Warner – guitar
  • Scott Gervais – drums

O’Neill and Otis Heat have earned a reputation as a musical force over taking the Pacific Northwest.

Their inspirations and motivation draw from a wide variety of musical influences including the giants of jazz, Nina Simone, Neil Young, 90’s grunge and the British invaders. Such a large pool of influences assists in the ever-growing evolution of their sound.

The Tri-City Herald interviewed Sean and the rest of Otis Heat. According to the interview, Sean and a friend were traveling to a party when they collided with a Honda. Behind the wheel of that car was Mike Warner, who became the band’s guitarist. After noting that there were no serious injuries, a stranger appeared and walked around the vehicles, spoke to the group, and checked for spilled gasoline. When they exchanged names, the stranger introduced himself as Otis Heat. Although they never saw Otis again, his kindness remained in their minds and they borrowed his name for the band. To read the full interview click here.

Stay tuned for the upcoming events, and see ya there!
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