Tracey Fordice and the 8-Balls

8-ball.jpTracey Fordice and the 8-Balls are playing at Mock Crest Tavern Saturday,
April 20th. The band begins playing at 9:00 p.m. with their  blues, groove and rock tunes.

Here’s the review from The Cascade Blues Association:

“Whether barrel-housing in the juke joints and road houses of the Pacific Northwest, or playing on the big festival stages, Tracey Fordice and the 8-Balls can deliver Rockin Blues and Soulful Ballads utilizing a broad repertoire ranging from Etta James to Bonnie Raitt and Willie Dixon to J.J. Grey and Mofro. With a contemporary delivery of traditional blues standards, striking covers of up and coming new artists, and the awesome creative power of original song material, this is NOT just another blues band. Rack ‘em up and break!” Cascade Blues Association

Members Include:

  • Tracey Fordice – Vocals/ Keyboards
  • Randy Yearout – Lead guitar/Slide/Vocals
  • Rudi Spain – Bass
  • Johnnie Corrie – Drums/Vocals
  • Bob Demary – Guitars

Preview “I’ll Have it All” and “When’s it Gonna Stop” on Reverbnation.

Here are some fun beer facts:

Did you know that Samuel Adams Triple Bock has 17% alcohol by volume, and is the strongest beer in the world? The strength is from using champagne yeast.

Japan sells beer in vending machines, by street vendors and in the train stations.

We know that many actors started out with odd jobs in order to support themselves while working on their dreams. Some of them that worked as bartenders include: Sandra Bullock, Bruce Willis, Tom Arnold, Chevy Chase, Kris Kristofferson and Bill Cosby are a few of these.

Have a great week everyone, and we’ll see ya there!

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