Chautauqua Jam’s at Mock Crest Tavern

It’s officially spring once again, and a great time to take advantage of the outdoor seating and service at Mock Crest Tavern. Order your favorite beer, a big sampler from the menu and kick back in the sunshine. As always, MCT has a great line up to keep your toes tappin’ all weekend long.



It begins with Chautauqua performing Thursday, March 28th, at 8:00 p.m. They’ll bring a mix of  Blues/Rock/Jam and Jazz Fusion to Mock Crest Tavern.

Members Include:

  • Ryon Nicholson – Guitar, Lead Vocals, Rhodes
  • Dave King – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Aaron – Drums, Percussion
  • Oscar – Bass
  • Dave Geare – Rhodes

Ryon Nicholson and David King are from Southwest Portland while Oscar is originally from Orange County. Aaron joined the group from Bellingham, Washington.  Dave and Ryon attended school together from 4th through 8th grade, and all of high school. They met through Facebook in 2011, and then met for a jam session. After the group clicked, they formed the band, Chautauqua. Ryon located Oscar from Craigslist with the posting “roomie/bassist wanted”, and soon after a friend recommended Aaron and his drumming talent.

The band attributes several artists and genres to their sound. Many from the classic rock era such as Neil Young, The Grateful Dead and Led Zepellin. They also draw on some jazz styles as well. However, there’s a very heavy blues flavor that comes through in many of their original songs. To keep their sound fresh, they  also play some instrumental tunes with Latin, middle eastern, Indian and Asian influences.

Stay tuned for additional bands performing Friday and Saturday.

See ya there!

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