Doc Brown Experiment Anyone?

Doc Brown Experiment and The Blueprints are performing this weekend at our favorite tavern. The Blue prints are MCT faves, while Doc Brown’s bringing some new tunes to the table.

Doc Brown Experiment consists of a four-piece power-jazz ensemble that combines hard-driven grooves with smooth tones. They’ve been compared to bands like Frank Zappa, Bad Brains and Herbie Hancock.

Members Include: 

Doc Brown Experiment

Doc Brown Experiment

  • Flip on saxophone
  • Kirch on drums
  • Shawn on Bass
  • Max on Guitar

Doc Brown’s description of their band? “Take 2 parts funk, 1 part punk, 3 parts jazz and 1 part hip-hop…mix ingredients with a blender. Let chill for 5 mins then serve in your favorite festive mug….that’s how you make a Doc Brown Experiment.”

During an interview with Warped Mag, they asked DBE  how they differed from other bands. Their answer? “DBE is a mixture of almost all genres encompassing 60′s 70′s and early/mid 80′s…nothing new there…where we are different is that we juxtapose styles…e.g. hardcore d-beat into roots dub reggae…or taking jazz standards and turning them into gangsta rap jams…you know…like that.” You can read the rest of the interview from 2012 online at Warped Mag.

ReverbNation offers a few of their tunes, including “Fat Rita”. DBE definitely has some fun funk goin’ on.

The Blueprints kick off Saturday evening’s entertainment, also beginning at 9 p.m. Enjoy their unique sound of blues, rock and R&B. Visit them on ReverbNation where you can hear a few of their songs including “Unchain My Heart”, with its rocky blues sound and guitar. The Blueprints will get your foot tapping in no time.

Grab a HUB DOA (Deluxe Organic Beer) while it’s on tap. This beer, from Hopworks Urban Brewing, packs three powerful punches in its malt, hops, and smooth alcohol. It’s a dark amber color, organic, and brewed in Portland, Oregon. 55 IBU 6.9% ABV.

Mock Crest offers your favorites on draft as well, including Coors Light and good ‘ol Budweiser.

Enjoy your visit, and we’ll see ya there!

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