Christmas Concert at Mock Crest Tavern!

craciun07Join everyone at Mock Crest Tavern for Suburban Slim’s Christmas Concert! Rainer and Jon invite you to “put Christmas 2012 behind you with a pint and some great music.” 

The doors will open at noon Christmas Day. The holiday special includes: ham, twice baked potatoes, green bean bundles, and a dinner roll. The cost is only $7.95, and if you’re in the mood for dessert, it’s only $8.95!

Click to view the Holiday Menu and Deals

Suburban Slim is a MCT favorite with his blend of  blues. Phil Wagner (aka Suburban Slim) has played the ukulele since childhood and later learned guitar with his brother as his mentor. Originally from Northern California, he recorded his first album at the young age of 15. Later on, he toured Oregon and moved to Eugene where he stayed for years before relocating to Portland. Phil settled into the area and embraced the wider audience and music culture. As his music career grew he released three Cd’s of original tunes.

Suburban Slim is available to hear on YouTube.

Side O’ Ranch will perform on Wednesday night at 8 p.m. for a middle of the week extra!  Enjoy their unique and fun sound with their Side O' Ranchblend of  anti-folk, country and punk.

Molly and Sam Dechenne, brother and sister, relocated from Portland to Brooklyn, New York to form their group.  Side O’ Ranch is light-hearted, but heartfelt and honest with their lyrics.  The show offers a fast-paced magnetism and natural ease. Side O’ Ranch is a fun show you don’t want to miss.

Not only are you guaranteed great music with Suburban Slim and Side O’ Ranch, but the menu is awesome as well. Mock Crest Tavern also offers a great choice of drinks to help you warm up and relax after the holiday. If you have friends and family visiting from out-of-town, bring them by.

Merry Christmas!

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