Holiday Deals and Dakota Bob and the Business Men Blues Band


Christmas is next week and Mock Crest has their menu and specials ready! Click here for what’s in store! Holiday Menu and Deals

You won’t want to miss Dakota Bob and the Business Men Blues Band Friday night at Mock Crest Tavern. The performance begins at 9 p.m.

Dakota Bob has played for years, and well recognized throughout the North and Midwest. Previously with a group in Washington, he later began playing with a Jazz band group from Portland. The group clicked and formed the band “Dakota Bob and the Business Men Blues”.

Members Include:

  1. Dakota Bob – Guitar and Harmonica
  2. Kdawg – Bass
  3. Johnny – Drums

Dakota Bob began his music career as Harmonica Bob, but after locating someone with the same name, he changed  it to Dakota Bob. Not long after, he connected with other musicians and began learning Old Chicago Blues songs. He soon earned a reputation as a well-respected musician with the “Blues Cronies”.

Bob discovered his love for playing while diagnosed with a terminal illness. The prescribed medication came with side effects of  flu-like symptoms and Bob often found himself exhausted. He discovered that while playing his harp, the side affects lessened and he found a renewed energy.

Dakota Bob brings fun to any party, and speaking of party, he appears each year at the Sturgis Rally. We’ve all heard about Sturgis!

Hop over to his website for tunes and photos at

The Blueprints will kick off Saturday evening’s entertainment  at 9 p.m. Enjoy their unique sound of blues, rock and soul. Visit them on ReverbNation and Facebook at  They will get your foot tapping, and body moving with their great tunes at Mock Crest Tavern.

Members of  The Blueprints:

  • Steve Dion: Lead Vocals, Back-up Vocals, Lead Guitar
  • Emmalee Almroth: Lead vocals, Back-up Vocals, Alto Sax, Percussion
  • Claes Almroth:  keyboards, mouth harp, lead vocals
  • Chris Bond: Drums
  • Emery Wilson: Bass, Back-up vocals

Emmalee and Claes Almroth won’t perform with The Blueprints this month due to taking some much deserved time off with her family in Sweden.

Have a great rest of your week, and we’ll see you Friday night!

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