Boots n’ Honey

Boots n’ Honey perform on Thursday, November 15th at 8 p.m. at the tavern. Boots n’ Honey and Jane Derringer are a 2012 version of Johnny Cash and June carter. With original tunes, their acoustic rock n roll, ballads, country and blues music deliver a New York edge and bite. Boots n’ Honey deliver the rock n’ roll that you’re craving!
What’s pouring at Mock Crest Tavern?
  1. HUB DOA (deluxe organic ale)
  2. Budweiser
  3. Double Mountain IRA
  4. Deschutes Jubelale
  5. Pabst
  6. Lagunitas IPA
  7. Deschutes Mirror Pond
  8. Coors Light

HUB DOA, brewed in Portland, Oregon, from Hopworks Urban Brewing. It packs three strong punches in its malt, hops, and smooth alcohol. HUB DOA is a dark amber with 55 IBU and 6.9% ABV for 22 Oz.

Lagunitas IPA is an India pale ale that blends 43 different hops and 65 various malts. This beer offers citrus flavors of grapefruit and lemon, mild strawberry and a grassy, earthy flavor. ABV 5.7%  and IBU 45.6

Deschutes Mirror Pond uses the Cascade variety of hops, but it also offers grassy and floral notes. The beer is light-bodied, with a focus on hop bitterness and a background of pale and caramel malt. ABV 5.0% and IBU of 40.

Deschutes Jubelale returned in October for its 25th season. Enjoy this spicy, malty, hoppy brew that’s a winter seasonal favorite. It’s  labeling and packaging art feature the work of a different local artist each year. The 2012 label is a compilation of art over the last 25 years.


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