The Gusto Brothers and DC Malone

The Gusto Brothers perform Friday, October 5th at 9 p.m. at Mock Crest.

For the last six years, the band has grown in popularity and played throughout the Willamette Valley. In 2010, the Cascade Blues Association honored the band with a Best New Act nomination.

Their up-tempo tunes of Blues, Rock and Soul will have you wanting  more after hearing their first tune.

Members include:

Steve – Harmonica/Vocals

Paul – Guitar

CJ – Bass/Vocals

Sky – Drums/Vocals

Hear their tunes on myspace.

Mock Crest  is bringing DC Malone to the tavern Saturday, October 6th at 9 p.m.

DC is originally from Eugene, Oregon,  and is the son of a jazz drummer and mortician. He lived in a mortuary until he was 13 years old.

Originally a drummer, like his father, he began playing guitar when he was ten. DC grew up on jazz, blues, and folk music which influences his music today. He incorporates blues, rock, folk, swing, country and a touch of bluegrass, in the song list and not only performs cover songs, but interpretations as well.

Get to know DC at his website:

See you there!

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