GeoCaching and Fried Pickles

What do geocaching and fried pickles have in common? They’re both available at Mock Crest Tavern.
Mock Crest Tavern operates a  “cam cache”, but there’s no hidden container to take and leave things from and in. The object of the cam cache, is to have your picture taken while you are visible in the cam image on the web. Grab a friend to watch the cam from a computer at home while you stand in front of the cache with your GPS. Your friend takes a screen shot, and then,  post it in the geocache log entry.
This link offers instructions on how to take a picture using as well as  how to capture a photo if you’re inside the tavern using the  WiFi.
If you’re new to the geocaching fun, it first appeared in 2005. Mock Crest Tavern has logged over 350  entries so far with 319 images posted. This type of geocaching isn’t widely available, and it’s just one more thing the tavern offers that makes it fun and unique.
Have questions? Feel free to ask the friendly staff, and they can assist you.
Now, let’s talk about fried pickles! I asked a regular customer what he recommended, and he replied with fried pickles. I can’t say that I’ve visited many food places with this menu item, but it does sound tasty! Give them a try, and leave your comments on the blog. I’d also like to hear what your favorite menu item is as well.
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