A Cold Beer On A Hot Day

I’m not sure about you, but on Sunday evening I begin thinking about the next weekend. It helps me get through those tough Mondays.

Eric Vanderwall

On Thursday, not only is Portland reaching triple digits, which qualifies for a good cold beer or two, and relaxing in the air conditioning, but Eric Vanderwall is playing at Mock Crest Tavern. His soothing music, and a cold beer, will help wash away the stress, and heat from the day. If you haven’t heard the sounds of Eric and his guitar, click here. He begins playing at 5:30 pm.

Friday evening kicks off your weekend with Mock Crest Tavern hosting Joe McMurrian, the national blues recording artist, and his band at 9:00 p.m. August 17th. They bring a soulful combination of blues, rock, Americana, and jam scene which will please even the most particular of music tastes. Their most recent CD  “Swimming in Turpentine” is available with snippets here . The band also includes a line-up of guitar/harmonica/bass and drums.

NoPo MoJo kicks off Saturday evening at 9:00 p.m. The Portland, Oregon band offers a diverse selection of acoustic and electric Americana; mixing folk, rock, blues, gypsy and country. Listen to parts of their debut album “Fallen Angels” here.

NoPo MoJo formed in 2004, and members include, Randy Yearout, Tracey Fordice, Jim Toussaint, Kevin Eastes, Rudi Spain, Johnnie Corrie, and sometimes Wayne “Wayniac” Waits.

While you’re there, sipping your favorite beverage and cooling off, be sure to check out the history of John Mock, who arrived in

John Mock

Portland in 1852 with his family when he was eight years old. The following spring, his father claimed three hundred and seventeen acres in the district, now known as University Park. Additional information on John is available to read at the tavern.

Bring your friends, tell everyone about the new blog, and have a great weekend at Mock Crest Tavern!

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  1. Love the blog! Looks really good and a great read, too!

  2. Thanks for visiting my website and liking my post. Best thing about your like is that it brought me here!


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