A Visit to Mock Crest Tavern

Last week, I made my first visit to Mock Crest Tavern. I’ve made my fair share of visits to night clubs and taverns, but Mock Crest Tavern landed in my top places to visit.

The tavern has existed for over 60 years, serving the North Portland area, and is named after John Mock, who settled in 1852 on the bluff overlooking Swan Island. Not only does the area hold history, but the actual building itself does as well. It’s earlier uses include an ice cream parlor, meat market and pharmacy.

My experience as I walked through the door felt like a jaunt to the past, as the smell of alcohol and food tickled my nose, and my mind pulled images of a favorite television show, Cheers. I actually expected to see Cliff, Woody and Norm seated at the bar. The friendly, laid back, Portland, way made Mock Crest immediately welcoming.

I walked through the tavern, and spotted several lottery machines and the bar. To the right stood the stage area, where  live entertainment performs several times a week. As I walked through the last door, I was met with a wonderful surprise. A full service  covered deck, tables and chairs on the green grass, and a beautiful variety of flowers and plants that put the right touch to the homey atmosphere. I picked a table towards the back, and as I sipped my drink, a hummingbird visited. It was so close, I could touch it.

Moments later a staff member made rounds to the filling tables and took orders, then returned with hot steaming food, and alcoholic beverages. People of all ages began filing in, and before I knew it, Friday evening had started.

The Mock Crest Tavern offers a calendar of events and live band appearances on their website here. 

I also learned that Mock Crest Tavern offers breakfast, lunch,  dinner and two daily happy hours! No one is left out in wants of their drink and food menu.

On Monday evenings, during the month of August, they offer free poker beginning at 7 p.m.  Also, on Tuesday and Wednesday the tavern offers Texas Holdem Poker night (free, cashless) dealt by Stumptown Poker. On Saturday nights Eye Candy VJ plays videos.

Grab your friends and head out for an evening of fun and great atmosphere!

Jennifer Owenby

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